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Table Matters is an interdisciplinary journal of food, drink, and manners that explores the depth, diversity, and broad interests that those three categories embrace.

Articles, essays, and features may be in the form of an exploration, an elucidation, a manifesto, or a critical commentary, but also may be an original research paper, or an interview, a biography, a book review, a photo essay, or a poem. The focus might be food politics, food in the media, food as media, a food issue, trend, or dilemma, food at the farm or on the table, or a gastronomic destination, declaration, or disquisition. It maybe the first word, or attempt to be the last word. In all cases, we want our journal to speak to a broad audience that includes, but is not limited to, culinary and hospitality professionals, food lovers, scholars of foodways and cultures, and students and practitioners in the culinary arts and food science.

Table Matters has been honored with 6 awards from the Association of Food Journalists, nominated for a James Beard Award, and featured in Best American Food Writing.

It is funded, in part, by Drexel University, and published by Drexel University’s Center for Cultural Media, a unit of the Pennoni Honors College and in cooperation with the Center for Hospitality and Sport Management.


  • Dean, Pennoni Honors College: Paula Marantz Cohen
  • Editor: Edward Bottone
  • Managing Editor: Melinda Lewis, PhD
  • Art Director: Diane Pizzuto
  • Photography: Dana Bloom, Studio 6
  • Editorial Assistant: Grace Hoffman
  • Sponsor Relations: Samuel Blivaiss
  • Founding Editor: Jason Wilson

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We are always eager to receive previously unpublished articles, essays, research papers, commentary, explorations, photography, and poetry. Learn more in our Contributors’ Guidelines or contact with questions and submissions.

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