1. Jen says:

    This is just beautiful and so useful (a recent food magazine gave a big explanation about the difference between the two, and described the American/Hachiya in detail, then only included a pic of the Fuyu…).

    I would argue that the final step 3 is optional, though, as I eat my way through dozens each season, and have never peeled a single one! So lovely sliced across the equator too, so you can see the star shape inside.

    Consider selling this as a print?!

    • I am considering selling this as a print. I’m opening up an etsy shop soon!
      I always peel my persimmons, but I guess I should have marked that last step as optional 🙂

  2. I buy Fuyus every year for eating raw, salads (there’s a great salad with Brussels sprouts), and Persimmon Bread.

    Like the previous writer though I have never peeled them! Oh, I am so ready for them right now! It’s a cute posting.

  3. tbeth11 says:

    So very helpful! But it makes me say, “Hmmm …” A month or so ago, I got a box of persimmons labeled Fuyu, but while roundish and tomato-shaped, they had the jelly-like texture you describe of the Americans. Slicing wouldn’t have been possible. The pulp was sweet. I’d never eaten or worked with persimmons before, so I bagged the pulp and look forward to experimenting with recipes through the winter. Yay!

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