1. Alyssa says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve always been to scared, now I’ll be able to buy some! I love artichokes!

  2. margarita says:

    I write from Barcelona (Catalonia) We eat them a lot in their season. Try hitting the top of the artichoke against the table without having cut any parts of the top, cut the stem, just take some of the outside leaves off. In this way they open wide, put salt, white pepper, some drops of lemon and olive oil inside, then place them in a plate to go in the oven for 30 mins. at 180 or longer time in 160. Eating them is funny, much better if they are warm of course, take leaf by leave with your fingers and eat only the softer parts which you will increasingly find until you get to the best part, the heart. It’s not messy, just the best way to eat them.
    Try as well an Omelette. Trim as in the pictures above so that the hardest parts are avoided and cut them finely and fry them together with one big onion (if you want to make sure the leaves are soft enough, boil them first and fry them with the onion later, then, when it all begins to be golden, much better if you use olive oil, add the eggs and salt as in any omelette and fry it flat and round, medium heat, turn the omelette over with the help of a dish, a bit bigger than the frying pan, that you place on the pan to cook the other side… and you will see!

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